Our church theme for 2018 is "Live to Give" from Matthew 25:35. As we are admonished to give as unto the Lord, we will strive throughout the coming year to serve, encourage, uplift, and help those in need as the Lord provides. This will take shape in several different forms that you can get involved in!


Giving to our community

Throughout the year we will be serving our community through a variety of initiatives. Whether we are taking treats to encourage our civil servants, honoring our veterans, or volunteering for clean up days we will be the the church that Mokena looks to when something needs done. We will reach out, lend a hand and serve when needed.

As part of our "Live to Give" initiative we will also be starting a ministry in the second half of 2018 to assist those who struggle with addictions. By providing a Christian environment for support and healing, our church will see to meet people in their difficulty and lead them to the God of all peace and satisfaction.


giving To our region

In 2018 our church will serve at several missions and organizations around our state and region that are helping those in need. By expanding our reach outside the confines of our own community we will truly know what it means to serve those who can do nothing in return.

Whether we are assisting in a service at the Pacific Garden Mission or distributing food at a regional food bank, we will be giving as unto the Lord.


Giving to the world

Our impact to our community and region is so important but so is our responsibility to the world! By partnering with missionaries and organizations that are serving others we will expand our reach and do what we can to see the Gospel reach "the uttermost".

Through an intentional and strategic plan and a partnership with Christian Media International we will impact every continent of the world in 2018. The hope found only in Christ MUST reach every creature and we MUST do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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