When Every Day Meet Eternal

This morning as I was preparing for our men’s soulwinning time a thought hit me that has shifted the way I approach outreach and visitation.

If someone were to knock on my door from another local church and invite me to their services I would politely explain to them that I attend Mokena Baptist Church and that would be that. Perhaps they would press me further to see if I were an active member and a faithful attender but to the average person out visiting they would move on knowing I am part of a church.

Then I thought of how many times while I am out visiting has someone told me the name of their church, the role they play in that church or how faithfully they attend. Out of 30 or 40 doors on a given Saturday, maybe one. Sure, you will have your few who simply tell you what denomination or religious group they were born into but very few have a clear-cut answer.

75 – 80 percent of the people I talk to have come to their door on a Saturday morning, they have not brushed me off with their church affiliation, they have not given me a “form” answer, they have enough interest in what I am offering to actually talk to me. So, why should I be intimidated?

I have engaged them in a conversation and they have not pushed me aside. Imagine if we treated people we knew like the people we don’t know. Start a conversation, get their attention, peak their interest, then walk away without telling them anything of any significance. Frustrating huh?

It is my prayer and desire that as I go to share the gospel I would not leave people at the door wondering why I ended the conversation that they have invested themselves in. I want to fulfill their expectations as well as the great commission. May we each go to the door with the mindset that the person inside wants us to be confident, courteous and someone they can like because more times than not that is the case!

Brandon McCurdy

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