What Do You Think?

Often when witnessing to others I will ask them, “How do you think someone gets to heaven?” The answer to this question can range from good works to church attendance to financial giving to saying a repetitive prayer. The answers are all focused on what we can do for God. I must admit that while I have grown up in church my entire life and have heard the Romans road since I was in a nursery crib at times their answers seem valid. Is it really fair that one person can live a wicked, sinful, vile life and end up in the same heaven as someone who is a murderer or pedophile? Is that right? In my logic it’s not. It just doesn’t seem right!

Yet I must come back to the Word of God and realize that my feelings, emotions, paradigm or life experiences do not equate to doctrine. The Bible speaks very plainly about this in Proverbs 14:12 when it says, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” This Biblical reminder is so compelling that just because it “seems right” to me doesn’t mean that it is right in the sight of God. Our culture is so wrapped up in everyone living by their own rules. How often do we do something because it seems right without checking with God to see what His word on the matter is?

In the most important matter of salvation, please do not be deceived into thinking that your opinion or angle on the matter is going to get you to heaven. “Your way” will lead you to eternal death in a place called hell no matter how right it seems to you. For Christian, may we stop living by our fleshly instincts and start filtering our lives through the mind of Christ.

Brandon McCurdy

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