What Are You Waiting For

In our church we have been studying the book of Joshua. The Bible gives the account of the children of Israel claiming the inheritance promised to Abraham back in Genesis and move in to the land that God had prepared for them. Moses, through a poor decision is set aside by God and not allowed to enter the land. Now Joshua is instructed to be of good courage and go in.

To fully understand the gravity of the decision we have to look back at what led them to this point. Moses had led them out of Egypt and to the door of the promised land once and the people were afraid to go in so God sent them back to the wilderness. Now again they stand ready to take the land and Joshua is ready to lead them in. The land was already theirs all they had to do was claim it.

Our lives are much the same way. We stand on the edge of choices wondering if we should go forward or turn back. We think about it, worry about it, lose sleep over it and eventually give up on it when all the while we should have moved forward by faith. Whether it is trusting God to work things out or choosing to live by principles, God wants to reward you for obedience to his plan for your life. Today you may stand paralyzed by fear and doubt. Just as the children of Israel in the Bible the temptation to turn around is so much stronger than that to press forward. Why not allow faith to dictate the next step rather than fear?

As victorious living is laid out before you and God has promised to lead you and guide you along the way the question must be asked, what are you waiting for? Will you move forward or wander around for no good reason. Take a step, trust in God and allow Him to show you what you’ve been looking for all along.

Brandon McCurdy

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