Unfailing Love

As Jesus Christ is preparing to go and suffer on Calvary he says these words to Peter in Luke 22:32, “But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” In what was the darkest hour in the life of Christ his concern did not rest in his personal condition or the catastrophic event that was about to take place but rather in the ability of His followers to have faith that would not fail.

As we strive to be more like Christ and live a life worthy of being called His disciples what a challenge is given to each of us that our faith would not fail. Amid the ups and downs that life can bring and the struggles that are part of the human experience, it is so simple to lose faith. We lose faith in mankind, we lose faith in society, and sometimes we even lose faith in God. Christ knew that the burden of His crucifixion would overwhelm Peter and that he would deny him and walk away. Likewise, God knows that each of us will struggle with this matter of faith and face times of uncertainty and doubt. Christ knows we aren’t perfect and that life can really hurt sometimes. What an encouraging fact to know that the prayer of our God is that through our faith may waver that it will not fail.

Today you may be facing difficulty and the last thing you want to hear someone say is, “have faith.” So instead of that may we encourage one another with the truth that while faith may be hard to maintain, may it never fail. Remember, God will never fail you. You may not be able to see His hand as clearly through the clouds of life but He is still there and praying for you that your faith in Him would be strengthened, encouraged and renewed.

Brandon McCurdy

BrandDesign, 8518 West Sauk Trail, Frankfort, IL, 60423