It Hasn't Even Been a Day

A post from a few years ago...

This past Friday marks the 5th anniversary of my brother Clinton’s homegoing. The day really caught me off guard. I was far more emotionally affected than I anticipated being. As I sat in my office on Friday night and thought of Clinton’s life I began to focus more on his eternal life over his temporal life of pain and affliction here on earth. I am by no means a poet and no doubt the last time I tried such a feat was when I was courting my wife but the Lord impressed on my heart to write a poem. As we gathered for breakfast on Saturday morning with my mom and dad, my brother Austin and his family and my brother Dillon I presented my parents with the following:

It seems like only yesterday
You were here, alive and free
Just childhood love and innocence
Was all we’d ever see

Yet in God’s plan, He had a way
A path that none would choose
The joy and laughter that we once shared
In a moment we all did lose

But in God’s sovereign will divine
This is the way He planned
Though sometimes to us it seems just cruel
We trust the moves of His hand

While much has changed in this brief span
Since your healing took place up there
Much of what you knew before
No time will ever tear

Your nieces and nephew we remind so well
That uncle Clinton lives with God
And our prayer is when their life is through
With you, in heaven, they’ll trod

While babies are born and families grow
So many things never will
Mom loves dad and dad loves mom
And their faith in God is still

So as we reflect on today, the day
That heaven became more real
Your face, your laugh and gentle touch
We can almost see, hear and feel

While it hasn’t seemed long to us here
Since to heaven you made your way
To you, it must seem shorter still
It hasn’t even been a day

While the words may not seem eloquent and the emotion a bit raw, Clinton’s life and death affected me in ways I will never be able to understand or explain. In future posts perhaps we will explore some of the lessons God, my parents and others taught me through this pivotal trial in the life of our family. Perhaps if you are struggling with the loss of a loved one these words will resonate with you and they will remind you that God’s plan is good even when it’s not what we would choose. While we are left to grieve the loss of those we love and it may seem like an eternity before we will see them again, remember, for them, it hasn’t even been a day!

But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. – II Peter 3:8

Brandon McCurdy

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