I Love Busy

The past few weeks have just been crazy busy. So often I hear people make this statement with a negative connotation. As if living a full life is a bad thing, or perhaps they would prefer to just sit in a room somewhere and do absolutely nothing. While I am in agreement that there are times to relax and renew your spirit, I am bothered by the attitude that busy is bad. I LOVE being busy. The fact that I have more to do then I will ever get done gives me great motivation for tomorrow.

So often people withdraw from opportunities or pass on things God brings into their life because they are “just too busy.” When in reality if they would simply plan their time and apply some simple time-management principles they would be able to take on so much more.

This post is in no way intended to promote workaholism or neglect of key relationships in your life, quite the contrary. It is intended to get all of us thinking about our day-to-day and reflect on what is important, what God is bringing in to your life, and what you can do to assure that you are having the maximum impact for God with the time He has given you.

Life is all about seasons. Seasons bring change, insecurity, fear and even doubt but they should never bring an unwillingness to embrace the “busy” life God has for you. Busy people run the world. I guarantee you that the people who have made the greatest impact in your life are some of the busiest people you know. We must simply make sure we are busy about our Father’s business!

Brandon McCurdy

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