Extreme Conditions

This winter has been rather extreme. One day it’s 50 degrees outside and the next it’s 1 degree. This can make for some serious frustration and confusion as what to wear, how to drive and whether or not to pack your shorts away for the season. This weather reminds me so much of the way life is.

One moment you’re cruising along with the sun shining and the birds singing and the next the cold winds of death, illness, depression and sorrow are knocking down your door. I have noticed that through the physical changes of weather we can see some things that are of help in our daily temperature changes.

First, prepare ahead of time. Just as you seal your windows or dig your snow suit out of storage to prepare for cold weather likewise the warm seasons of life can be times of preparation for the coming storms. Not that we should sit and wait for tragedy to strike but there must be times were we focus on the principles of our life that will guide us through whatever may come.

Second, slow down when life is slippery. An old preacher once said to me, “don’t make decisions when your decision maker is broken.” In other words, the cold seasons of life are not the time to be making life-altering decisions. Allow the storm to run its course without changing yours. Just as you would move deliberately and with great caution on a slippery walkway, likewise choose your words and actions carefully when life is swirling.

Lastly, watch the forecast. Keep an eye on what is ahead. Remember that we have a God in heaven that promised to never leave or forsake His children, a God who promises a home in heaven to all those who trust Him by faith. Your best day here on earth will come nowhere close to what eternity has in store and your worst day here will fade in the glory of all that heaven will bring. Stay true, stand fast and allow the changes in weather to come and go without losing your footing.

Extreme conditions will happen, its a fact! No one gets out of this life unscathed. Perhaps these steps can be an encouragement to you as you brave the elements knowing that the destination is more than worth the journey.

Brandon McCurdy

BrandDesign, 8518 West Sauk Trail, Frankfort, IL, 60423