Don't Fall Out of the Window

In preparing to preach for Sunday I came across the story of Eutychus in Acts 20:7-12. Before you ask, this is not a warning that I am going to preach long and put everyone to sleep. (hopefully!) The story arrested my attention because it is so indicative of where so many Christian young people are today.

I must admit that there have been times in my life where I would be guilty of sleeping my way through the Christian life and even sometimes where I may have fallen out of the window and had to be spiritually revived by the resurrecting power of God.

I see in this story three different options of the type of person Eutychus could have been:

1. Marginal

Perhaps he was simply there to be there. Nothing else going on so he checked out the church scene. So many of our young people and adults live this way year after. They will attend, perhaps even throw a few dollars in the plate but the moment they are asked to step up to responsibilities or commitments they are nowhere to be found. This young man, based on his apparent boredom was not engaged in the service and had no investment in its outcome leading him to think little of sleeping on through when it got long.

2. Magnified

Perhaps young Eutychus’ dad was a deacon, or staff member or faithful church member. Maybe he had heard this sermon from Paul before and thought he would just nap through it this time. Whatever the case with him many young people find themselves in a place where they have magnified their spirituality in their own mind in such a way that no one else can or should tell them what God’s Word has to say, they know it all already! The Bible has another word for this condition it’s called pride and God is clear that if you do not deal with this problem in your heart He will resist you.

3. Malcontent

Maybe he and the Apostle Paul had a disagreement. Perhaps Paul had strongly scolded him or rebuked him or treated him unfairly. So many young people are going to church with a chip on their shoulder. Their not going to listen to the Sunday school teacher, the youth pastor, the pastor or anybody for that matter. They are willing to sacrifice the blessing God wants to give them simply to show everyone else they are mad at authority. Don’t live this way. It destroys you and robs you of the blessing of being in a healthy relationship with spiritual leadership. When you hold a grudge it will eat you alive!

Whatever the case with Eutychus he came to church with something that led him to choose temporal comfort over eternal truths. May we not find ourselves guilty of the same. At the times in your life when you feel like you are dozing off in your faith, wake up! If you fall, yes God can resurrect you, but along the way think of what a distraction your tattered testimony could make to those who are searching for Christ.

Brandon McCurdy

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