We encounter many warnings in the everyday of life. Some are simple reminders and others are blaring messages. Whether you are a faithful church attender or someone who hasn’t darkened the doors of a church in quite some time I would like to take a moment to share with you three warnings the Bible gives us in the book of Hebrews that should become part of the fabric of our belief system.

1. Neglect

Neglect shows up in so many ways. Perhaps we neglect the laundry, regular vehicle maintenance, mowing the grass or some other repetitive chore that we must accomplish. Maybe neglect rears its ugly head in relationships with your fellow man or God, whatever the case the one thing we must not ignore is the warning that neglecting the important areas of life always ends poorly. Pushing off until tomorrow what you could have done today may work for cutting the grass but will not work in telling those around you that you love them. Some things can wait, others must never.

2. Unbelief

What is it that you believe in? This is more than a state of mind or religious identifier. What do you trust in right now? The implications for our eternal state and what we are trusting in to get us to Heaven are obvious but on a mortal level, what do you believe in to bring you peace, joy, love, acceptance, and satisfaction today? This cannot be measured by words, only by actions and choices. We may say one thing about our belief system but the truth is revealed in how we act when the things we trust in are challenged or removed. What if I removed your money, power, fame, work, health, or relationships? Would the fabric of your being be ripped to shreds or would you still have something to stand on, namely a relationship with Jesus Christ. Belief in God is not about words we say but rather confidence we stand on.

3. Apostasy

While this word is often overused to sensationalize a situation the warning against apostasy is one we must not take for granted. We must in all places and in all areas seek absolute truth then apply it. Webster’s dictionary defines apostasy as “an abandonment of what one has professed; a total desertion, or departure from one’s faith or religion.” It is vital in this hour that we find truths that can be grounded in the concrete of trustworthy sources and determine not to give an inch. While change is not the enemy on every front there must be some things on which the framework of your life can stand that cannot be undermined or altered.

If you today find yourself drifting and not sure where life is or should be taking you may I encourage you to take a moment and inventory the storeroom of your being. Would you embrace the warning signals from the Bible and examine areas that need adjustment. What have you neglected? In what do you believe? On what unchangeable truths does your life rest?

Brandon McCurdy

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