A Shelter in a Time of Storm

This week our hearts go out to those who experienced the destruction, devastation and loss of Hurricane Isaac. The images of our fellow citizen suffering through yet another disastrous storm on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina should cause each of us to pause and say a prayer for those in need.
Their circumstances have drawn international interest with the blow by blow account being reported in every country on the globe via the internet and every major news outlet being represented on the ground with reporters braving the elements to bring us an eyewitness account. Humanitarian support by both public and private entities were in place ahead of time to assist those in need once the storm had run its course. The biggest need in the midst of the storm? Shelter. People need somewhere safe and secure to be as their lives are literally turned upside-down.

As we see the events in the gulf coast unfold I think we can all see the parallels that each of us face in our lives. Perhaps it is not catastrophic flooding or hurricane force winds but each of us face storms that shake us to our core and remind us of our mortality. In these moments of suffering the greatest need we have is the same as those who suffered through Isaac, Katrina, and any other disaster. We need the comfort, strength, and encouragement that only comes from sheltering ourselves in something or Someone greater than us.

The old songwriter said it like this: “The Lord’s our rock in Him we hide, a shelter in the time of storm. Secure whatever ills betide, a shelter in the time of storm.” No matter what storm you are facing today whether it be spiritual, emotional, financial or physical God is the shelter to whom you must run. We must rely on Someone greater, bigger and stronger than the storms of our life. Today as many rummage through the remains of their homes in the Gulf Coast and seek to find a place to lay their heads and rest may we likewise remember the storms of our lives and find rest in the everlasting arms of God.

Brandon McCurdy

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