Mokena Baptist Church is a place where truth is proclaimed. The Word of God is our sole authority and a service never goes by where we do not open it, read it, and apply it. You will be encouraged, uplifted, exhorted and inspired to do more and be more than you ever thought possible by the eternal truths from the Word of God. Our opinion isn’t worth much but God’s truths are priceless.

You are welcome at Mokena Baptist Church. No matter what your station in life or spiritual condition, this is a place where you can feel at home. This Sunday be our guest and experience the music, message and ministry of Mokena Baptist Church.


Malls are trendy. Churches should feel timeless. With the forceful current of constant change sweeping over every part of our lives, people have the need to connect with something enduring and firm. We believe that Christ designed the church to fulfill that need by representing an eternal kingdom and ageless truth with no need to immitate culture. We want you to know that there’s still a church that feels like a church. It won’t feel like a rock concert, comedy club, or motivational seminar. It’s not old-fashioned, as in 50 years ago. It is timeless, as in 2000 years ago.


Mokena Baptist Church loves people! We are here to serve the community corporately and you as a person individually. If you are in search of a church home where real people with real problems find real answers from a real God then Mokena Baptist is the place for you!

You will enjoy traditional music, Biblical preaching and sweet fellowship. We believe that church should feel like church and create an atmosphere that encourages worship to God and practical preaching that leads us to become more like Him. In a world with so much negative we seek to provide a place where anyone can come and find the peace, joy and contentment that can only be found  in knowing Jesus Christ.



Mokena Baptist Church was founded in 1975 when a group of believers met in a home for the purpose of establishing a church. The following year the church purchased five acres of land and erected a beautiful building. Through the years the church has made a great impact in the community by sharing the love of God with Mokena and the surrounding communities.

In 2012 the church had shrunk in size and was on the brink of closure. Through God’s miraculous working Mokena Baptist Church is now a thriving, growing and exciting body of believers excited about what God is doing and will do in the future. The friendly atmosphere, inspiring music and Bible-based preaching is once again reaching people of all ages with the power of the Gospel.


In a world where consumerism is run wild and people seek to be the latest and greatest we believe that the church should be distinctively different. Throughout Scripture the church has always been a place of reprieve from the noise and clutter of this world.

Mokena Baptist Church is not a mega-church. We have no fancy light shows, no band and no gigantic crowds. What we do have is a beautiful, serene church where everyday people with everyday problems gather to explore the eternal truths from the Bible. Our pastor still makes house calls and hospital visits and our people care for and love one another with the love of Christ.

We love our community and the people in it and would be honored to have you visit with us this Sunday and experience the difference of Mokena Baptist Church.